Who can volunteer?

The answer is, anyone and everyone! 

We look for passionate, friendly and bubbly personalities to help our team out during all events and productions.

Does this sound like you? - get in contact with our team today and find out how you can get involved!

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

All volunteering opportunities will be added to this page and all social media, keep an eye out!

Pride 2019 Team

It's that time again! We are now on the hunt for our London Pride 2019 team (July 6th).

Every year, our team get involved in London's third biggest event of the year and every year, it is even bigger and better!

Could you be helping our team raise awareness and joy on the day?

Spaces are limited due to so many organisations and charities involved, therefore, our team will be selected at random.

Please get in contact today to get the chance to be involved!




Photography, Pride 2018 -

"I got to experience my first Pride from inside the action, thanks to @comingoutuk. 

My heart is now full of all the joy!!"


Photography, Pride 2017 -

"Wicked day, eye opening experience! Thanks @comingoutuk for having me!"


Pride 2017, Pride 2018 and LUSH UK -

"I have enjoyed every single event I have been a part of! I love everything Coming Out UK stand for and all that they do to support others. I can't wait to be involved again soon!"