Hello! From all of us here at Coming Out UK.

Coming Out UK was founded in 2015 by Brooke and Carl Ellis. The organisation was created to help support men and women within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our aim is to provide informative, educational and encouraging support to everyone who is coming to terms with their sexuality or struggling to do so.

We understand "Coming Out" to friends and family can be a daunting and confusing time, that's why we are here to listen and help give advice to those needing it.

Coming Out UK are not only an online organisation, but also hold support groups in local areas, in which anyone is welcome to attend. To find out more information on these support groups, please click here

Wanting to create a profile? Sign up to My Coming Out. This page provides you with your own personal space, in which you are able to upload your own videos, stories and photos - You are able to keep all uploads private in your settings, we understand that sometimes, it is nice to just let it all out.

We offer an advice service, in which those wanting to speak to our team, are able to contact us via our website - You are more than welcome to maintain your anonymity, if that makes you feel more comfortable. We are here to help.

"Let's do this together" 

Our team and all of you within and outside of the community can work together to help make a difference and give support to those who need it. Whether that involves telling someone close to you, helping someone you know or even coming to terms with it yourself. Sometimes you need that little bit of help - never be afraid of asking for help when you need it, it can be the bravest thing you ever do.

Never be ashamed of who you are.

Coming Out UK
Tolerance and compassion - Let's Do This Together.
The Coming Out UK hand, which is used to represent respect and understanding for all forms of sexual orientation, no matter the race, creed or culture.